2021 - 2022 Season

Tickets on sale now.

The cast

Carrie: Janet Aspinwall

Ludie: Rick Brown

Jessie Mae: Ruth Kliwinski

Ticket agent 1: Fran Shultz

Ticket agent 2: Wyatt Haynes

Thelma: Emily Bonaria

Station agent: Juan Castro

Sheriff: Ron Richardson

Bus driver: Erby Beauvil


Amanda Feliciano, Carline Titos-Thermitos, Erby Beauvil

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This performance is free, but donations are always appreciated. 






Written and directed

by Beth Seales Hanson

The Meeting

Mastermind:  Leo

Zoomateers:  Adar, Minka, Otto, Violet, Mercer


Trivia Night

Zoomateer:   Adar

Alex Triviak:   Rich Pearson

Quiztina Aguilara:   Dena Daniel

Lotta Ansers:   Minka


The Convention

Zoomateer:   Mercer

Alien:   Fran Shultz

Bigfoot:   Butch Bowen

Mothman:   Otto


Book Club

Zoomateer:   Minka

Rita Loude:   Dena Daniel

Dewey D’essimal:   Adar

Ty Prider:   Rich Pearson


“Zoom of Gloom” Show

Zoomateer:   Violet

Mrs. Emma Tarry:   Beth Seales Hanson


Birthday Party

Zoomateer:   Otto

Cilla Braithe:   Fran Shultz

Buster Pinata:   Butch Bowen

Patty Cake:   Mercer


The Reveal

Mastermind and the Zoomateers


Graphics by Carol Cornicelli

VS Halloween Twisted Tales-e-flyer copy.jpg



Script adaptation and direction by

Carol Cornicelli

Your ghostess, Mrs. Emma Terry

Beth Seales Hanson


“The Storyteller”

Narrator: Sharmeen Azmudeh

Aunt: Dena Daniel

Nephew: Leo Hanson

Younger niece: Violet Hanson

Older niece: Zoe Hanson

Bachelor: Donald Pauselius



Narrator: Ginny S. Crooks

Cunningham: Patrick Horan

Van Cheele: John Fraissinet

Boy: Romon 8 Danuser/Dylan Graham

Aunt: Fran Shultz



Narrator: Judy French

Lady Blemly: Judy Gajary

Lady Wilfred: Stephanie Turner

Agnus Resker: Ellen Moschel

Mavis Pellington: Mary Clare Cardoni

Cornelius Appin: Alan Foster

Tobermory: Vlada Borisova-Duran



Laura: Dena Daniel

Amanda: Fran Shultz

Sir Lulworth Quayne: Donald Pauselius

Egbert: John Fraissinet

Aurora: Carol Cornicelli


“The Open Window”

Narrator: Sharmeen Azmudeh

Vera (niece): Zoe Hanson

Framton Nuttel: Patrick Horan

Mrs. Sappleton: Ginny S. Crooks

Mr. Sappleton: Alan Foster

The Trip to Bountiful-e-flyer-3.jpg