2020 - 2021 Season

Due to the pandemic, all planned productions will be rescheduled to a future season.


Until then, please join us for a monthly program of live performances via Zoom...

All the World's a Virtual Stage 

Submissions for original or published performance pieces are still being accepted for this season. Contact us for information. 


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Click here to watch a recorded performance on YouTube.


“Creation” by James Weldon Johnson


“The Slave’s Complaint” by George Moses Horton

Idris Talbott

Young Harriet Tubman by Mary Satchell 

adapted and directed by Marcia Heard

Ivy Hill-Vailsburg Center for Arts Culture and Community Activism (ACCA) performers: Friday, Malachai Stewart, Isaiah Stewart, Pamoja Days

Historical Profile: Charles Henry Turner

Ron Richardson

“I Know Where I’ve Been” from the musical Hairspray

Melyssa Searcy

1980 (or Why I’m Voting for John Anderson) by Patricia Cotter

Rashad Davis (monologue)

“Gravity” by Rachel Grismer 

Rachel Grismer

Historical Profile: Jane Cooke Wright


“The Weary Blues” by Langston Hughes

Ron Richardson

“Come Rain or Come Shine” by Harold Arlen & Johnny Mercer

Rashad Davis

The Piano Lesson by August Wilson (three monologues)

Idris Talbott, Aba

A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry (scene)

Rashad Davis, Rachel Grismer, Marcia Heard, Melyssa Searcy

“We Wear the Mask” by Paul Laurence Dunbar

Monique Bosrock

District Merchants by Aaron Posner (monologue)

Ron Richardson

Historical Profile: George Edward Alcorn, Jr. 

Melyssa Searcy

Blue Door by Tanya Barfield (monologue)


“Interracial” by Georgia Douglas Johnson

Monique Bosrock

District Merchants by Aaron Posner (monologue)

Idris Talbott

“If You Believe” from the musical The Wiz

Maya Davis

Historical Profile: Zelda Wynn Valdes

Monique Bosrock

The Fantasticks (monologue)

Lisa Peterson

“The Black Finger” by Angelina Weld Grimké


“Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou



Donald Pauselius (Producer/Director) has been active in community theatre for much of his life and has performed in productions with various groups all over Northern New Jersey. Some of his favorite roles include Ben Weatherstaff (The Secret Garden), Mal Bieneke (The Addams Family), Judge Omar Gaffney (Harvey), King Charlemagne (Pippin), and the Big Bad Wolf/Scrooge (Fairy Tale Christmas Carol). Donald first came to The Strollers last year when he appeared in Working, A Musical. He is thrilled to be appearing in this online production of ‘Art’.


Carol Cornicelli (technical producer) is an actress/singer/dancer who has also directed, choreographed, written, and designed for The Strollers and currently serves on the Board of Directors.  The adaptation of literary works for the stage (virtual or otherwise) using the method called Chamber Theater is one of Carol’s favorite activities, and she has enjoyed the opportunity The Strollers Virtual Stage has given her to use this theatrical technique.  Thanks to all for joining us on our Virtual Adventure!


Dena Daniel (production assistant) wears many hats in The Strollers. Though primarily on the administrative and production side lately, she also acts and sings. Favorite roles include Velma von Tussle (Hairspray), Mrs. van Daan (The Diary of Anne Frank), and Tom Snout (A Midsummer Night’s Dream). Dena has directed workshops and children’s theater, and directed November’s Virtual Stage production of ‘Art’. Dena salutes the hearty souls endeavoring to keep live theater alive, especially the Virtual Stage ninja warriors! 

Molly Eisert (production assistant) is a stage manager, producer, director, and proud Strollers board member. She is excited to be the Producer of this Virtual Stage production, as it combines two of her favorite things, Christmas and spooky stories. She, as always, would like to thank her long suffering husband, James the Great, and her darling children, Tava and Inspector Poirot.

Marcia Heard (ACCA producer/director) holds a BS degree from the University of Illinois, Chicago, and a MA and Ph.D. from NYU. She founded a summer arts program - South Side Community Arts Center - in Chicago, received a humanitarian award (NYU), and had a dance commissioned by the Office of Black Ministry at St. Patrick’s Cathedral for the Archdiocese of New York. An alumna of Neighborhood Leadership Initiative, she revived the Mead Street Association and organized Block Watch. She is the co-founder of the Ivy Hill Vailsburg Center for Arts Culture and Community Activism. She is a retired teacher of dance, theater arts, health, and physical education for Montclair Public Schools. Marcia resides in Vailsburg, Newark, with her husband and two children.


Aba is an actress, writer, and director currently based in New Jersey/New York. Originally from Atlanta, GA, Aba is an alumni of William Esper Studios and The Independent Film School (IFS).

Monique Bosrock is honored to be performing with The Strollers. Her NYC credits include Crystal (Missed Her Sister) Emerging Artists’ Theatre and Barbie (Stolen Dreams) The Producers Club. NJ credits include Frost/Nixon and The Who’s Tommy with Pioneer Productions, Haunting of Billop House and Old Ringers Brook Arts Center, Ghost the Musical with Rhino Theatre, Sorry Wrong Number, Ms. Winthrop (Secret Garden; 2017 NJACT Best Featured Actress Musical nomination), Mrs. Wilkinson (Billy Elliot; 2016 NJACT Best Lead Actress Musical nomination), Big the Musical, all with Hexagon Players. Thank you cast and production crew for this wonderful experience, and of course, my girls for inspiring me every day!

Maya Davis has sung and performed on stage since the age of nine. During that time, she has performed in productions of Peter Pan (Lost Boy), Shrek Junior (The Friar) and Seussical Junior (Gertrude McFuzz), A Fairytale Christmas Carol (Little Wolf/Bale/Hansel), Beauty and the Beast (Mrs. Potts) The Little Mermaid (Sebastian), Julius Caesar (Roman Citizen), Baby the Musical (Ensemble) The Wiz (Miss One).

Rashad Davis is a performer with over twenty years of stage acting experience. His previous productions have included, The Colored Museum, Lysistrata, One Hour to Live, Matilda and Parade, for which he won an Old Library Theatre Best Featured Actor Award. Rashad’s more noteworthy roles have included Nick Sakarian (Baby, the Musical), Grant Wiggins (A Lesson Before Dying), Marc Antony (Julius Caesar), Noah “Horse” Simmons (The Full Monty), and the title role in Othello. 

Pamoja Days is a proud native of Newark. She is a mother, professional dancer, singer, sketch artist and actress. Pamoja has been dancing since she could walk. She trained in ballet, pointe, African, modern and jazz..! Pamoja went on to tour South Africa and Europe dancing and singing. She recorded an album entitled “Genius Jams” and has danced and sang in world renowned choreographer George Faison's “The Wiz” “RESPECT Project,” and a plethora of productions in the tri-state area. She cites as inspiration Eartha Kit, Misty Copeland, Ebony Williams, Daphne Lee, and many more. “Believe in yourself, travel the world, and follow your dreams at any age -- you are never too old!”


Friday plays the part of Araminta Ross in Young Harriet Tubman. She is part of the ACCA troupe.

Rachel Grismer is happy to share her work with The Strollers for the first time. She thanks her father, producer Donald Pauselius, for the opportunity. The Strollers (among others) hopes she continues to write and share her work.

Lisa Peterson is making her performance debut in My America. She chose the monologue from The Fantasticks herself when asked what she’d like to contribute by her father, producer Donald Pauselius. The Strollers is very happy to have her in the show. 

Ron Richardson is a veteran of New Jersey stages, featured in productions for many area companies. Some notable roles with The Strollers include Peter Stockmann (An Enemy of the People), Albert/Kevin (Clybourne Park), and Lt. Col. Nathan R. Jessep (A Few Good Men).

Melyssa Searcy is a NJ native who has been performing since she was 14. She is excited to continue her theatre endeavors even during this pandemic. She made her Strollers debut as Fruma-Sarah (Fiddler on the Roof) and then was a featured soloist in Working, A Musical and a caterpillar in the children’s show How the World Got Wisdom.  

Isaiah Stewart (Benjamin Ross in Young Harriet Tubman) is part of the ACCA troupe. A new teenager since this January, Isaiah resides in Newark and attends Eagle Academy for Young Men of Newark where he maintains Honor Roll status. His enjoys studying history, Greek Mythology (it is full of wonder), and technology (he has many devices that that he likes to break apart then fix again). Isaiah also enjoys writing, as it allows him to express himself without reservation. He has won medals for public speaking, but this is his first time acting, and he is enjoying it so far. Most importantly, Isaiah is grateful for the blessing of a very loving family.

Malachi Stewart (Jim in Young Harriet Tubman), part of the ACCA troupe, is 14 years old and resides in Newark. He attends Eagle Academy for Young Men of Newark after being named valedictorian of his middle school. Although Malachi is currently a high schooler, he also takes college credits towards an Associate Degree. He enjoys acting, fencing, debate, history, journalism and law. He is part of a very loving family, with a little brother (who is also in the play) and little sister. Malachi has earned various medals, trophies, and certificates for oratorical competitions, but this is his first time acting, and he quite enjoys it.

Idris Talbott is an actor and singer, hailing from East Orange. He was last seen on The Strollers stage in How the World Got Wisdom last year.  He has performed with several groups in northern New Jersey and has been features in such shows as Into the Woods and Married, Single, and Everything in Between. Idris would like to thank all of his friends for constant love and support throughout his acting ventures.

The Ivy Hill Vailsburg Center for Arts, Culture, and Community Activism (ACCA) promotes individual, family, community development and participation in cultural, economic, and civic life through arts, culture, and community activism classes/experiences within the context of multi-cultural values and American pluralism. At once a community and cultural center, ACCA seeks to create, provide, and disseminate programs of distinction that foster the physical, economic, aesthetic, and mental health/wellness of human beings throughout their lives, through educational, economic, intellectual, aesthetic arts programs, classes, workshops, lectures, and productions. ACCA endeavors to reach beyond its immediate community, seeking partnerships that help to foster and strengthen grassroots institutions in their communities and endeavoring to serve all human beings. There is only one race, the human race. Co-founder Marcia Heard says, “The collaboration with The Strollers is and has been a wonderful and challenging learning experience. I thank you for the opportunity to grow as a person and as an organization.”

Check out ACCA’s work at www.vailsburgarts.org.


Holiday Hauntings eflyer.jpg


Introducing America to a curious British tradition

     Chris Farrow, an actual Brit

Yule Horror 

     by H.P. Lovecraft

     Chris Farrow

“Haunted Wonderland”

    Adapted and performed by Beth Seales-Hanson 

     with Zoe, Violet, and Leo Hanson

The Ghost Who Vanished by Degrees 

     Based on the short story by Robertson Davies

     Adapted and directed by Dena Daniel

     Dena Daniel, Alicia Dennis, Jeff Parsons

The Meeting

     by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

     Chris Farrow

The Ghost of the Blue Chamber 

     Based on the short story by Jerome K. Jerome

     Adapted and directed by Carol Cornicelli

     Gene Ciccone, Jim Knight, Ron Richardson, Mathew Schwartz

“Santa Clause Is Coming to Town”

    Sharmeen Azmudeh, with Marilyn Monroe and Merlin

Stopping by Woods 

     by Molly Eisert 

     Directed by Dena Daniel

     Alicia Dennis, Jeff Parsons, Mathew Schwartz

“Baby, It’s COVID Outside”

     Adapted and performed by Betty Slevin and Gene Ciccone

The Shadow

     Based on the short story by Edith Nesbit

     Adapted and directed by Carol Cornicelli

     Amanda Feliciano, Mateo Moreno, Jennifer Padley,

     Melyssa Searcy

Bells (II)

     by Edgar Allen Poe

     Sharmeen Azmudeh & co.


     Based on the short story by A.M. Burrage

     Adapted and directed by Carol Cornicelli

     Gene Ciccone, Mateo Moreno, Laurellie Jacobs Martinez,

     Skyler Martinez, Betty Slevin

“The Twelve Nights of Terror”

     Adapted by Beth Seales-Hanson

     Beth Seales-Hanson (with Zoe, Violet, and Leo Hanson),

     Sharmeen Azmudeh & co., Dena Daniel, Amanda Feliciano, 

     Mathew Schwartz, Melyssa Searcy


     Chris Farrow



Watch the performance now on YouTube!

Emcee: Beth Seales Hanson

            (with help from Zoë, Violet, and Leo Hanson)


The Tell-Tale Heart

By Edgar Allen Poe

Directed by Carol Cornicelli

Killer: Robert S. Webb & Mathew Schwartz

Police Officer 1/Old Man: Alan Foster

Police Officer 2: Suz Stone


The Monkey’s Paw

By W. W. Jacobs

Directed by Sharon Quinn

Narrator: Laurellie Jacobs Martinez

Mr. White: Mentha Marley

Mrs. White: Sharon Quinn

Herbert White: Skyler Martinez

Sergeant-Major Morris: Kirk Woodward

Lawyer: Norman Metz


The Night Wind

By Eugene Field

Directed by Carol Cornicelli

Sharmeen Azmudeh (with Marilyn and Merlin)


The Cask of Amontillado

By Edgar Allen Poe

Directed by Sharon Quinn

Montressor: Ron Richardson

Fortunado: Norman Metz


The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (excerpt)

By Washington Irving

Directed by Carol Cornicelli

Narrator 1: Melyssa Searcy

Narrator 2: Sandra Eismann

Ichabod Crane: Jeff Taylor


Jon Mortonson’s Funeral

By Ambrose Bierce

Directed by Carol Cornicelli

Friend 1: Judi Gajary 

Friend 2: John Mendlovitz

Minister: Alan Foster

Widow: Suz Stone

Family at the Funeral: the Schwartz family, the Searcy family


VS-Website blurb-Sep25-v2.jpg

Watch the performance now on YouTube!

The Murder of Crows 

Directed by Carol Cornicelli

Ginny Crooks (Mrs. Wilkins) 

Melyssa Searcy (Debra)

Mathew Schwartz (Greg)


The Meadow 

Directed by Alan Foster

Lisa Barnett (Mrs. Page)

Shiva Kiani (Miss Harris)


The Deal

Directed by Alan Foster

Vinnette Richardson (Vivian Howard)

Ron Richardson (Arthur Nelligan) 


Dewey or Don’t We?

Directed by Carol Cornicelli

Betty Slevin (Helen) 

Gene Ciccone (Oliver)


Nancy Halper  is an editor and ESL teacher who has written several short plays, including “The Murder of Crows,” “Dewey or Don't We?,” and “The Truth About the Lemmings.” She and her husband live in Summit, New Jersey, and have four grown children.


Ryan Kaminski is a playwright from Flemington, New Jersey. His work has been featured in one-act festivals, playwriting festivals, and podcasts. Learn more via his New Play Exchange profile: https://newplayexchange.org/users/34918/ryan-kaminski

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